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Enjoy the benefits of Reiki

Live in the moment, enjoy life to the extreme by being healthy, happy and spiritually connected.

Services Include: Your Reiki Session will be tailored to what you need using the techniques below

  • Reiki – 30 or 60 minute Reiki Sessions in a warm, comfortable, soothing location. Reiki helps bring your body and energy system back into balance in a relaxing manner.
  • Reiki Drumming – The vibration from a Reiki Filled drum is like getting a massage on the cellular level. It is wonderfully calming and puts you in a place of peace prior to your Reiki Session
  • Chakra Checking and Balancing – Using a pendulum we can see what chakras are blocked or stagnant. Reiki Energy will be concentrated there until they are open and spinning.
  • Crystals – Crystals have an energy of their own and can aid in clearing Chakras and cleaning the Aura. Crystals used as needed
  • Law of Attraction – What you think you will get. This is the simplest explanation of the Law of Attraction. If you are unsatisfied with your life, ask yourself what is the story you are telling. Change the story, change your life.


We are more than flesh and blood. We are also energetic beings. Our energy paths can get stuck or blocked through emotions and traumas. If these blockages are left alone our bodies become weak and illness can set in. Reiki and EssentialTouch works with these energy systems, clearing and unblocking them allowing the body access to all the energy it needs to heal itself.

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